How to make your makeup last all day long! 💄

Hi guys. I am asked all the time “what foundation are you wearing?” and “how to do make you makeup last all day long?”. Today I am here to tell you guys not only what makeup products I use everyday but also how I get it to last. I would first like to start off by saying I am not an expert. I didn’t go to school for makeup. I am not a makeup artist. I just have a love for makeup and have tried a few things out and this is what works for me. I would also like to say that everyone has a different skin type so this may not work for you. I am just sharing what works for me. I have very dry skin. If you also do, maybe this will work for you to! Okay, let’s get started! I will start off with primers because that’s where I usual start in my makeup routine. I don’t always wear primer. I will wear it if I have a little bit of extra time to put it on. I currently am loving two different primers. They are both from the drugstore so they are super affordable. One of them is more of a glowy primer, which I use all over my face. The other one is more of a pore filling primer and I only use It on my nose and chin area. Then I move on to foundation. I love trying out different foundations. I like a foundation that’s going to last all day and isn’t going to break up on me. I also like a more natural to dewy finish when it comes to foundation. I blend in my foundation with a beauty blender. I then move on to concealer. I like a full coverage concealer. I like these because if I don’t get a lot of sleep, I can fake it with my concealer and I won’t have any bags. I also blend in my concealer with my beauty blender. I then immediately set my under-eye area with powder to prevent it from creasing. I usually use any loose setting powder because I do only set my under-eyes. I do not set my whole face with powder. If I do that my skin will freak out because it is so dry. I then move on to bronzer. I usually go for a bronzer that is neutral to warm for my skin tone. I have an olive undertone so that’s just works best for me. I then use blush. I love peachy blushes. I think those are what look best on me personally. I then put highlighter on. I will NEVER skip this step. I LOVE THE GLOW! I love gold highlighters but also love peachy pink ones. I then like to use a fixing spray to sink in all of the face makeup I just put on my face. I wait until that dries then I do my eyebrows. I will never skip my eyebrows either. I just think when you fill in your eyebrows you just come to life. Unless you have amazing eyebrows to begin with, then I say fill them in. I just follow the natural shape to my brows and fill them in. I will then set them in place for the day. If I have time after this step then I will actually wear eyeshadow. I am in love with glitter. A little glitter never hurt anyone, right?! I am in love with the new DesiXKaty palette from Dose of Colors. I can not get enough of it! I then will put some mascara on. If I have time after that I will apply some false lashes. I don’t always do this. I like to wear the natural lashes that give you just a little bit of definition. After all of this, I will then set my makeup in place with a long wear setting spray! My tips for making your makeup last all day is make sure you really take the time to blend in your foundation and only set the areas that need to be set. I will also say to invest in a good setting spray whether that is drugstore or high end. I love the Milani one but I also love Mac Fix Plus. If you do get oily, I would say bring a little pressed powder compact with you to touch up when you need to. I do pack a little travel makeup bag full of goodies such as powder, setting spray, eyebrow pencil, lip stick, lip gloss, chopstick, etc. Those are my everyday essentials and honestly, these products are the reason why my makeup lasts all day. If you find good staple products and have a good routine down, it will last all day. Just find a good routine that works for your skin type and your makeup will look beautiful all day long! I will list below all of the products I talked about today in this blog. If you have any questions fill free to comment or message me on Facebook and I will get back to you all! Bye for now loves! 💋



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