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Hi guys! Okay I just first wanted to start this off by saying I know I said I was going to be doing fashion blogs, which I will be, but I also thought it would be cool to talk about all things beauty. Today I will be talking to you guys about the company Morphe Brushes. Morphe started out as just an online store I believe and then they got their own stores and are now sold in Ulta. I decided to try a few of their products out recently and I have to tell you guys about them! One day I was just sitting around my house and decided I needed new makeup brushes. I had had mine for a VERY long time. If you are a makeup artist, don't judge me for that because I know it is bad. I had been using these brushes for so long that I went onto to look to see what they had. At this point, I had no idea Morphe brushes was being carried in Ulta. As I’m going through all the makeup brushes online, I come across the Morphe ones and decided to get those ones. I believe I got one set and also bought individual brushes as well. I had heard of Morphe from watching Youtube videos but I had never used their brushes before. Everyone on Youtube had been raving about these so I had to get them and try them out! The price of the individual brushes range anywhere from $2-30. I think the set I bought was $25 and I got 5 brushes in the set. I also purchased a blush palette, an eyeshadow palette, and setting spray from them. I was so excited for my order to come into the mail. When I got home from work about 3 days after I ordered, my package was on my front porch. I was so excited! The first thing I did when I got into the door was open the package. After looking at all of the brushes and feeling them, I got even more excited because they were the softest brushes I had ever felt in my life! I’m not even exaggerating when I say that. For the price I paid for them, I was in shock. They felt very high quality and they weren’t shedding everywhere. The next day I actually used the brushes. I didn't use every single one of them but I used most of them. I was thoroughly impressed! The eyeshadow brushed blended out my eyeshadow so beautifully and it was so effortless. They were really easy to use. Just as I said before, they were really soft and didn't irritate my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin so I have to watch what I use. The face brushes blended out my contour, bronzer, and blush seamlessly. As for the blush and eyeshadow palette, I LOVE THEM TOO! They were so creamy and pigmented. Two of the most important things! The blush palette I bought was the 8W warm blush palette. The eyeshadow palette I bought was the 25B palette. The palette is labelled as the Bronzed Mocha eyeshadow palette. It has 25 eyeshadows. They are mainly matte eyeshadows with some shimmer shades. It was only $19. I thought it was a steal so I had to get it! Overall, my experience with Morphe brushes was amazing! I love their brushes and their makeup so far. I am dying to try more of their products and seeing how they work for me! Let me know if you guys have any questions regarding Morphe and I will try my best to answer them or find an answer for you guys. With that being said, Thanks to all of my supporters out there. I really appreciate every single one of you and I’m thankful to have all of you in my life. I hope you guys like this sort of thing. If you want to know my opinion of any other brands, whether that be makeup, skincare, or fashion brands, let me know! I will be posting more of these. That ends my first official blog post. YAY! I’ll be back soon with another post!


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