I got extensions!!

Hey guys. I would first like to say sorry I have been really absent lately. I have just needed to take some time to myself. I have been really busy with work and I haven’t had time to post. In my absence I decided to get hair extensions. I did only just get them yesterday… so I am still trying to get use to them. So far, I really love them. They are Donna Bella hair extensions. I got the 22” wavy extensions. I decided to get these ones because I like curling/styling my hair and my hair dresser told me the straight ones didn’t hold a curl very well. I also wanted the longer ones because I use to have very long hair until I decided to cut it and I instantly regretted it. I wanted to get extensions for about a year and some odd months before I decided to actually get them. If you were thinking about getting them, I would definitely do some research before you jump the gun. I am so far very in love with how my hair looks and I don’t regret it whatsoever. A lot of people have asked me where I went to get them done at. I do currently live in Alaska so I went to somewhere up here. If you are interested in the Donna Bella extensions then I would go on their website and search for a stylist that uses them near you. I will be posting an update about them so it will be a full review. I just wanted to share with you guys I got them and my first impressions of them. Stay tune for more posts to come! See you guys later!!

XO 💋

jenna crossley